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toning thighs

5 Easy Tips to tighten Thigh

December 15, 2013 beninguide 0 Comments

For some women, the thigh becomes one part of the body that should be sexy. Not a few who complain there are fat deposits on the thighs that interfere with performance. Here, there are five tips as well as ways to make more toned and sexy thighs.

toning thighs

1. Aerobic Exercise
According to medical experts, aerobics is good for heart health and fitness. Aerobic exercise is also one that is ideal for burning fat and maintaining a healthy weight. This exercise can be done by jogging in the morning and evening.

2. Do not Fear Muscular Legs
Many women are afraid to exercise too heavily on their feet area. The reason for fear muscular. But if you do the exercise with weights as recommended, you actually will get toned legs.

3. Choose Activities Focus on Legs
Do not just exercise by lifting weights or running on a treadmill alone. To avoid boredom due to the exercise routine, you can do other activities such as cycling, climbing stairs and walking.

4. Follow Yoga Classes
Yoga movements there are several that directly impacts tighten thighs.

5. Avoid Fatty Food
This may sound corny, but avoid fatty foods is a great way to avoid big thighs and sagging shape. According to an expert in biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences, explains that the fat-rich foods are not good for health as it can cause inflammation throughout the body.


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