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5 Easy Tips to Overcome Mental Deterioration

December 26, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

When the grief-stricken mind or slump, maybe you need to think for a moment whether it is good for health. Health is not only defined by strong physical, but mental health becomes the main thing for a person to maintain their physical health as well.

mental health

Mental health is a serious problem, because it is likely to lead to someone taking a bad step, such as suicide.

A former Olympic Medals Liesel Jones admitted that he had been battling depression since 2008. In Australia health mental problems is quite high, more than 20 million Australians who struggle to find and maintain a positive mind to get out of the mental pain they feel.

As quoted from page, there are several ways to improve the lives and out of the ring Deterioration depth:

1. Bask under the Sun Rays Morning

In a study by Joseph Forgas, he said that the weather affects a person’s mood.

When experiencing profound sadness go to places that have more sunlight or open all the windows in the house so that the sunlight into the house or room. It aims to increase the positive aesthetic into the home and can lift a person’s mood becomes happier and more productive to let go of his grief.

2. Wear your favorite clothes

Wearing a favorite outfit an issue that can affect a person’s feeling better. When you are about to decide to go out of the house, with a dress that makes you comfortable can increase your confidence when interacting with people they meet.

3. Listen to music

The power of music can make you feel amazing. Listen to songs with a fast tempo and genre favorite music will make you enjoy. Make list of songs (or find music streaming service Spotify playlist) and listened to make the feeling more happy and positive.

4. Smile

Smiling bring brightness and energy into the social space and easy menular.Dengan smiling, people around you become more positive will be attracted to you. Sometimes it is difficult indeed to share a smile, especially if you’re feeling sad frequency of someone forcing a smile or give a fake smile.

However, to get used to smiling and you will see over time how positive aura will affect you and those around.

5. Live with optimism

It is very important to make a person think more positively. Positive thinking putting oneself toward success and positive way. To accomplish this, you must be committed to achieving a positive outcome in every situation.


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