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5 Avoid It By the wedding!

May 8, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

Marriage is a lifetime. Thus, it is appropriate that your wedding day is done with maximum preparation. In addition to choosing the best wedding vendors, you also need to perform body treatments.


Body care is required to do in order to maximize your appearance later in the day. But, there are some things that should also be a concern when you do the treatment process. If you are not good at calculating the timeline, such treatments might be bad for you. As a reminder, these are some things you should do to avoid the effect of embarrassing appearance during the wedding took place.

Changing the face of drug treatment

Actually, you may only change the face of drug treatment if drugs previously deemed unsuitable. However, it is better to do away days before the day of H. moreover, not only drug treatment alone face that makes you look more beautiful, adequate rest and eat nutritious foods are also becoming more power to maximize performance.

Lack of drinking water

In addition as a substitute body ion, drinking water is able to make your face look more radiant. Shortage of water will actually make your skin looks dehydrated and look dull. Water helps launch the detox system in the body so that toxins can be gradually reduced. White water also help you melt the fat in the body.

Doing facial approaching wedding day

Many of us who like to perform facial treatments, such as facials, approaching wedding day. Moreover, you are accounting for prime conducting facials. It helps you to do it ahead of time before the wedding. Due to the effects of post-facial redness makes the skin more sensitive.

Consume a salt and drinking excess alcohol

Eating foods that contain too much salt can make you look sluggish. Salt contains a substance which is capable of absorbing fluids in the body more quickly, so that side effects can make you faster thirsty. Besides the skin will look drier. Likewise with alcohol, excessive consumption actually makes you less concentration and focus.

Lack of sleep

The joy in welcoming the day can not be avoided. Everything would be a concern. But do not forget that you also need time to rest enough. To that end, remember to engage in activities that support relaxation, such as yoga or scrubs while listening to music that makes you relax. Whatever it is, make sure all done with ease. And, adequate sleep for 8 hours. Noted!


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