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Day of wedding display

4 Tips Enchanting On Your Wedding Day

March 10, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

There are many ways to look pretty stunning in your wedding party. Consult with a makeup artist choice, especially when the makeup test. Do not forget to take photos during the session, so that you can compare some of the most suitable makeup styles.

Day of wedding display

When planning for the wedding makeup, you can highlight the desired face. One of which could be the main focus is on the eye. Eye makeup makeup plays a major role in the overall results. For best viewing, follow the following suggestions:


If your wedding takes place in the morning or afternoon, you can try natural look smokey eyes light such as a blend of brown, beige and silver. For the wedding night, you can choose a color palette that is stronger as a mix of black, gray, and white.


The use of eyeliner can reinforce the shape of the eye. For those who have big eyes, you can try style cat eyes. This form, will make the lashes look more slender. Instead, ask your makeup artist to apply eyeliner thicker at the top and bottom to make the eyes appear bigger and beautiful.

False Eyelashes

Long eyelashes and curly now back trend. Various well-known brand launched a variety of lashes are lightweight and comfortable when worn. Do not forget to ask for a makeup artist you about the kind of lashes that he used and do not hesitate to try it.

Contact Lenses

If this thing is not unusual for you, do not be afraid to try something new. The use of contact lenses can transform your look in an instant. The right color choice can reinforce the shape of the eye. Shades of gray, blue, and brown can be a choice.

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