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4 The food that gives We Power Super

November 10, 2014 beninguide 0 Comments

Many ways to strengthen your immune system. So it is not easy to illness or disease. Of Sports every morning, sleep or rest, always think positive, keep clean food you consume each day, multiply the high-fiber diet and meet the needs of vitamin D.


Health tips. One of the most important things in keeping your immune system is to eat foods that can strengthen your immune system. Quoted by the Times of India, following four food that strengthens your immune system :

4 The food that gives We Power Super

Garlic : Garlic is one of the foods that strengthen your immune system. This is because, garlic contains vitamins C, B1, B6, minerals (phosphate and iron and sulfoxide. Because these materials antifungal, antiseptic and anti-bacterial. Garlic is very effective in preventing disease colds, coughs and chest infections.

Fish : The fish in question are salmon, tuna and mackerel. Because these fish contain lots of omega-3 fatty acids that strengthen the function of your immune system, increasing the activity of white blood cell that is capable of destroying harmful bacteria that are in your body.

Fruit : Fruit is that cashew, white guava, mango, orange. Because these fruits contain lots of vitamin C, which serves to strengthen your immune system, increase the production of white blood cells and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease ..

Wheat : Wheat many contain high amounts of fiber, protein and antioxidants. Wheat is one of the food was also very good to strengthen your immune system from any disease. Therefore, we strongly recommended to consume these foods.


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