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4 Benefits of Henna For Hair

January 10, 2014 beninguide 0 Comments

Henna is one of the popular herbal beauty in India and other tropical countries. Since long the henna is used to make hair shiny, healthy, and beautiful.

healthy hair

Henna is not only used to cover gray hair, but also to bring back health to the crown of the head. Here are the benefits of Henna:

Making healthy hair
Use henna hair twice a month in order to be healthy, thick and shiny. It will help restore hair health and hair damages.

Henna restore the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp without affecting hair’s natural balance. Dissolve henna in boiling water for two hours, cooled, then apply on the hair, including the scalp to produce better results.

Serves as a conditioner
is an excellent conditioner for your hair. Accustomed to using henna as a hair conditioner will make a thick and strong, and protect each strand of hair from damage. Hair will also be moist when using henna.

Remove gray hair
Henna does not contain amino acids or other chemicals that will not make the hair damaged and dull. Boil water with a teaspoon of black, strain, then add the henna. Chill for one night or a minimum of two hours and then apply on the hair to eliminate gray hair.

Henna is known to overcome dandruff hair. Simply soak 1-2 teaspoon fenugreek (herb), and heat a little oil of mustard and add a few leaves of henna. Let cool and add the paste of fenugreek to oil. Your filter oil mixture to throw coarse particles in it, then apply on the scalp an hour before taking the shampoo.

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