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exercise for digestive

3 Type Exercise Good for Digestive

September 8, 2015 beninguide 0 Comments

The digestive system is intrinsically a network that has been designed in such a way to continue working tirelessly. Therefore, health is also dependent on the digestive system.

exercise for digestive

Holistic health experts in India, Mickey Mehta says, there are three important factors in keeping the human body and stay healthy. The first is Aahar (food we eat), vihar (the way we exercise to our body), and Vishram (sleep and relaxation).

The human body is controlled by the balance lifestyle. That is, if one of Aahar, Vihar and Vishram does not go well, it will affect your health.

Regular exercise and breathing exercises (pranayama), are two things that can not be separated because of certain sports can activate the digestive enzymes and smooth bowel movement.

In addition, regular exercise can also improve blood circulation and stimulate and energize the nervous, endocrine and muscular systems.

Do a combination of heating, yoga, pilates and cardio that you are healthy digestion. You could also try yoga suryanamaskar, swimming and cycling to train the abdominal muscles


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