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3 This place is a nest Bacteria

February 28, 2017 beninguide 0 Comments

When you see a puddle of water or sewer water with color murky, certainly crossed the minds you there are a lot of bacteria and dirt there. In fact, there are other unexpected places were apparently present bacterial kingdom there.


Here are three places unexpected gathering has become a nest of bacteria.

1. Place the cold

When you get into the realm of snow or ice skating and other cold places, including Antarctica, there becomes invisible bacteria breeding places. In the Antarctic, it is estimated that the earth’s oldest ice wrapped microbial cell population of more than 10 thousand times.

Including refrigerators, all the rooms are cold slows the natural chemical processes and thus potentially give birth to the largest population of bacteria in a long time.

2. Low Territory

The lowest region in the world that lies in the east of the Philippines and north of New Guinea became one of the kingdom of bacteria. Researchers from the Mariana Trench have measured the area with water depths of about 11 thousand meters and found that heterotrophic bacteria can maintain the self inside small pieces of organic compounds that fall from above.

3. The eyeball

Our body does have good bacteria, but in the eyes, mucous membranes lodged exactly in the house of bad bacteria known as Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeaehas.

Although tears had the task of cleaning the entire eyeball, but when the eye is infected with the bacteria will cause you harm.


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