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oil-free fresh faces

10 Secrets of Fresh Faces and Oil-Free!

March 25, 2014 beninguide 0 Comments

Toner. Until now, it seems not many women are too concerned with the use of toner in their beauty rituals. In fact, the toner did have an important role to be used after cleansing. Besides being able to provide a fresh sensation after use, there are several other benefits of a toner.

oil-free fresh faces

  • Tighten The Pores

Toner able to help tighten pores are usually open when washing the face. So you will get a smoother and youthful skin with a regular use of toner.

  • Deeper Cleaning

After cleansing, often there are remnants of dirt and makeup that are still attached to the skin. Especially after using thick makeup. This is where the toner has an important role, namely remove the remnants of dirt and makeup that is not lifted by facial cleanser.

  • Balancing your pH

Who would have thought toner is also useful to balance the pH levels in the skin. Especially if you’re in a period of treatment for acne and other skin problems, skin conditions within the pH becomes unbalanced.

  • Controlling The Oil

For you who have oily skin, toner would be a perfect friend for you to choose. Why? Toner able to lift the excess oil on the face down to the pores. Some specially formulated toner even with the concept mattifyning the skin.

  • Refreshing The Skin

During this toner is famous for its expertise provide a fresh sensation in the face, even after cleansing. Therefore, the toner is often interpreted as a refresher. In addition to refreshing, toner is also able to soothe the skin.

  • The Treating Acne

Toner also fairly powerful tool to help treat acne that appear on the skin! Surely toner must collaborate with other acne creams or medications. Select toner containing tea tree

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