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10 Healthy Tips to Lose Weight

December 28, 2014 beninguide 0 Comments

Certainly has an ideal body weight and body beautiful and slim a dream of the women. All means will be done by anyone who wants to get a beautiful body. Of trying to medicinal products as well as cream that can shrink the stomach. Or even perform liposuction are also many issued bajet which is quite remarkable.

lose weight

One way that many do is to diet. But not all diet that can be done successfully as well as many of the activities of the diet will actually interfere with health, especially the digestive organs. Currently on a diet, there are many people who are tempted by foods that should be avoided. By him during the diet, the need for regular activity that diet becomes easy and successful.

10 tips on a healthy diet in order to lose weight

1. Increase Time Sports

Exercising is a common way when trying to lose weight. The most routine is jogging while wearing a thick jacket that burns calories. Additionally sit up dozens of times is also a thing that always menjai option. We recommend that you try using the elliptical trainer and exercise routine treatment is for 40 minutes in 5 days, this will help you lose weight, and the body will feel fitter.

2. Reduce and Avoid soft drinks

When eating and drinking a lot of us do not pay attention to the calories and fat in it. Visible light soda actually contains 250 calories all come from sugar. Moreover, in the soda there are no vitamins. Women are too often drink soft drinks will be more likely affected by obesity, diabetes or osteoporosis.

3. Do not eat Junk Food

Although the conditions were super busy, avoid to eat junk food or fast food. Although it looks very tasty junk food is a food that is not so healthy. Additionally as well as soft drinks Junk Food has a very high calorie and would be very dangerous for your body weight. Especially if you are on a diet program, believe it, the diet doctor friend would be a total failure.

4. Reduce Portion Eating

This is certainly a major challenge for Companion doctor, especially when you are a person who has a large food portions, reducing the size of the meal will make you still hungry when it has eaten. But do not worry, you have to stick to a diet program to lose weight, though still hungry because of course your body’s nutritional intake is already fulfilled.

5. Eat More Often

Many errors occur in people who want to lose weight. Many of them even eat only once a day in order to lose weight. Or even they do not eat in a day. Even for Friends of Doctors who want to lose weight are required for you to eat more often, but remember still in small portions. This is because the digestive organs will be more actively destroy fat than if they were eating the digestive organs and consequently accumulate fat only adds to your weight.

6. Increase Fruits and Vegetables

Consume a lot of fruits and vegetables are things that have to follow a good diet. Eat lots of vegetables and fruit will make adequate intake of food and nutrients without a lot of eating. In addition to the many benefits of vegetables and fruits are very beneficial for you.

7. Drink Before Eating

White water in addition to helping the body’s metabolic process will also help you when you want to reduce the size of the meal. Physicians are advised to Friend undergoing weight loss should be drinking water 5-10 minutes before a meal. This will reduce your portions.

8. Search Applications Help Diet Program

Today many applications that can be downloaded for free and paid, to allow you to live a healthy diet program anywhere and anytime. Seven of them, can you see here.

9. Replace white rice with Brown Rice

In addition to reducing the size of the meal and set the pattern, the type of food eaten also need to be replaced. White carbohydrates derived from white rice should be replaced by eating complex carbohydrates are carbohydrates derived from brown rice. By him that you should replace white rice with brown rice.

Why brown rice can greatly help you lose weight, it happens because of complex carbohydrates have a long time to digest in the body.

10. Avoid Fried Food

Avoid fried foods is helpful. For fried foods is a potential saving of trans fats can raise cholesterol and cause excessive accumulation of fat in the body. Therefore, we recommend the consumption of processed foods with boiled, grilled, spiced, steamed or soup.


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